Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Steering Committee Update

A South Central NY Nonprofit Executive Directors Steering Committee conference call was held on the 22nd. Six directors joined in the discussion about the next steps for the Group. The Committee discussed the possible issue of a payment in lieu of taxes in Binghamton. The Committee also discussed addressing the structural issues for the Group. A Committee meeting will be held on May 12th at 8am hosted by the Mental Health Association to set these organizational elements. The meeting will include identifying areas for the Group to focus on for the next 6 to 8 months and recommending committees to be formed. A Chair and Vice Chair for the Group will also be selected. After this Committee meeting, a mailing will be sent out to officially announce the Group and set the next Group meeting.

Annette J. Schweiger, Tioga County Council on the Arts
Darrell R. Newvine, Family Enrichment Network
Robert K. Hanye, Association for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment, Inc. (A.V.R.E.)
Joseph Sellepack, Broome County Council of Churches
Keith W. Leahey, MSW, Mental Health Association
Deborah Fitzgerald, Recess Resources, Inc.

Monday, April 14, 2008

For Your Consideration: Economic Impact and PILOT Resurgance

Allison Alden, Asst. Professor, Department of Public Administration, College of Community and Public Affairs, Binghamton University, recently sent the following suggestion and information to the Group for consideration.
I just wanted to toss in another idea. It the group is going to conduct
another survey on economic impact, I suggest that they also include something
that asks about the value of services that are provided to the community NOT on
the local govt. dime. The reason I suggest this is that there has been a recent
resurgence of the view that there should be a push to force nonprofits to
pay for public services provided. Normally the costs of these are covered
through property taxes, but since they are exempt there is talk about the need
to have them pay a service fee. (below is a link to a letter to the editor
printed this morning from a former mayoral candidate). This does not take into
account the value of the services that nonprofit organizations provide to
the community (at no local cost). For example, the fact that the city does not
pay to take inebriated citizens who are causing trouble to the crisis
center alleviates them from having the expense and responsibility of providing
such a service. I think the organizations should be prepared to counter such a
movement if it gains steam.

Best wishes for continued success.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Group Mission, Vision, and Structure

The mission of the South Central NY Nonprofit Executive Directors Group is to individually and collectively strengthen and empower nonprofit organizations; and to foster a highly valued recognition of the economic and social benefits of the nonprofit sector.

-Group will be a place where nonprofit directors look for professional support
-Group will be the place where the community goes to seek answers to questions about the impact of or the impact on nonprofits
◦This is the goal and with time, the potential will become better defined
◦Need further clarification about what the group’s role would be as a Chamber of Commerce

-Changed the Group’s name from Southern Tier to South Central NY to better clarify region served
-Clarified that the group membership would consist of 501(C)3s and organizations with similar missions and philosophies
◦Other types of nonprofits can attend meetings
◦Group would have a disclaimer in organizational principles that clarifies that membership does not mean endorsement of a specific position of other members

-Group will use a steering committee model made up of 6 to 8 members selected by the group
◦Steering Committee members will serve 2 years
◦Steering Committee will select chair and vice chair
-Group will have governing principles that will guide the Committee, membership, and meetings
-Group will not have dues now, but charge program fees to cover expenses