Friday, May 30, 2008

AVRE Receives $1M Contract

The Association for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment Inc. has recently received a contract worth an annual amount of $1 million to supply the federal government with copy paper. This is a great opportunity for AVRE and an exciting development for NY South Central nonprofits.
Click here to learn more about AVRE's contract.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Steering Committee Appoints Chair and Vice-Chair

The South Central NY Nonprofit Executive Directors Group Steering Committee has appointed a Chair and Vice-Chair. Thank you to Darrell and Dick in volunteering their time to serve in these roles.

Chair: Darrell R. Newvine, Family Enrichment Network
Vice-Chair: Dick Squire, ACCORD, A Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc.

Inviting All Nonprofits

6 members of the Steering Committee met on Monday the 12th to discuss the following: a Group invitation to be mailed to nonprofits in the region; committees for the Group; and program topic areas. The committee discussed a letter of invitation that will be sent out shortly. The letter will invite all nonprofit executive directors in the region to join the South Central NY Nonprofit Executive Directors Group, and collect their contact information. The letter will also ask directors to select their top choice of 3-5 topic areas for a fall program meeting. Finally, the letter will announce the development of four committees for the Group (Steering, Membership, Program, and Special Projects) and invite directors to join. While this letter is being finalized, the Committee will continue to move forward on beginning to collect initial economic impact data from nonprofits in the region. An e-mail will be sent out to the Group asking for the following information:
  1. Name of nonprofit
  2. Name of Executive Director
  3. Type of organization (Arts and Culture, Museum, Social and Human Service, Education, Religious or faith based, etc)
  4. Total number of people who were employed on your payroll during the fiscal year
  5. Business dollars your organization spent in this region. This information should be available from your accounts payable or check register. Every dollar you spent to purchase goods or services has a compounded positive impact on the local economy.
  6. Total payroll taxes generated (State and Federal)
  7. Other taxes collected (Sales tax as an example)
Annette J. Schweiger, Tioga County Council on the Arts
Darrell R. Newvine, Family Enrichment Network
Deborah Fitzgerald, Recess Resources, Inc.
Joseph Sellepack, Broome County Council of Churches
Keith W. Leahey, MSW, Mental Health Association
Robert K. Hanye, A.V.R.E.